Patrick Nelson and Mary Kay Mohs are not only husband and wife but business partners and artistic collaborators, too.

Walk into the Jewel of Minnetonka, and you’ll find lots of beautiful antique jewelry, as well as costume jewelry, engagement rings and wedding bands.

The days are getting longer, and the weather is getting warmer, which means summer is nearly here, and so are graduation season and Father’s Day. Whether you’re looking for something classic or unique, or a little bit of both, the menswear boutiques around Lake Minnetonka have you covered.

People without vision issues often don’t prioritize their eye health, according to optometrist Dr. Sarah Rowe of Brevier Optical in Excelsior. However, keeping this important organ healthy goes beyond vision correction.

Bird Dog Studios is a fashion accessory company based in Lynda Larson’s home in Minnetonka that’s drawing attention for its unique bowties.

These stylish kicks from Excelsior’s new boutique BUCK+FIR might be a perfect Valentine’s Day prezzie for a special gal in your life—but frankly, I was tempted to grab these just for me.

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People who wear glasses know how daunting picking out new frames can be. There are endless places to buy glasses, but how do you choose where to go for such an important purchase? Most people wear their glasses every day, after all.

With high heel and strappy shoe season upon us, we ladies often bite the foot-pain bullet for the sake of fashion. But not anymore! Here are a few of my favorite accessories to prevent your feet from giving up on you this summer.