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November Note from the Editor

Though this issue is technically our Homes and Entertaining issue, I want to bring a focus to the “giving back” aspect of so many stories that grace this month’s pages. In a community that is so often seen as thriving, those of us who spend our time in the lake area also notice that income discrepancies and poverty impact our hometowns just like any other area of the Twin Cities.

October Note from the Editor

When I was a 4-year-old, my mom, a very creative, crafty person, made a Halloween costume from a Domino’s Pizza box. She painstakingly colored deconstructed, greasy cardboard with marker, and in her steady artist’s hand, replicated the Crayola logo. With the box wrapped around my middle (I must have been petite!), sporting red sweats, a red turtleneck, rosy cheeks and a red birthday hat, I was effectively transformed into a sharpened red Crayola crayon.

September Note from the Editor

In my side job as a beauty blogger, I spend an embarrassing amount of time researching beauty trends, trying new products and experimenting with skincare and makeup. And though I love a new product as much as the next girl, what I am consistently reminded of, amongst the fuchsia lip color and the eyelash extensions, is that you can’t go wrong with being a classic.

August Note from the Editor (Plus Details on the Lens on Lake Minnetonka Photo Contest!)

It’s hard to deny that education, whether it be traditional or unique, is the cornerstone to what makes us successful as people. Some of us gain that knowledge in the classroom. Some of us use travel to teach us what we need to know. Some of us jump into careers that give us experiences we could never construct on our own. Some of us learn by YouTube-ing.

No Wake on the Lake Can't Stop Excelsior Girls Night Out (Or Captain Jack Sparrow!)

Lake Minnetonka may be under a no wake restriction, but Excelsior Girl’s Night Out will be making waves in downtown Excelsior on July 3 and 4.            

On Thursday from 5-9 p.m., join women from all over the Twin Cities in downtown Excelsior for exclusive store and restaurant specials, along with live music in support of Go Red For Women and the American Heart Assoc. You can find Girls Night Out only specials, like:


July Note from the Editor: Happy Travels

For the last six months, my husband Jack and I have been planning a trip to Europe. We’ve daydreamed about the Isle of Skye in Scotland, watched countless Rick Steves’ travel episodes on Saturday mornings and asked ourselves if 14 days abroad is really enough.

Hammer Residences Inspires with Its New Video Series

Sometimes a simple conversation is where it all starts. Consider the power of dialogue: It is where common interests are realized and relationships forged. It is with this inspiration that Hammer Residences has created Hammer Conversations.

Eighth Annual Minnehaha Creek Cleanup

In our beautiful lake area, one of the things I've loved learning about most is how to give back to the community we cherish—and sometimes that expands to natural beauty outside of our everyday routes. That's why I invite you to join the Minnehaha Creek Watershed District's eighth-annual Minnehaha Creek Cleanup on June 29, 2014. This year's event has outgrown its old boundaries and is expanding creek-wide to collect even more trash!

June Note From the Editor

As an elementary-schooler living in rural North Dakota, my favorite time of year was summer. Not only did it mean time off from the everyday school schedule, it also meant trading my puffy parka for my trendy two-piece swimsuit. And I loved my two-piece.


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