Brain Balance of Lake Minnetonka Custom Academic Programs

Before heading back to school, children with social, academic or behavioral issues can turn to Brain Balance Center.

Dr. David Stussy, executive director of Brain Balance Center of Lake Minnetonka and Woodbury, is committed to improving the quality of children's lives. "When children are struggling with social, academic or behavioral issues," he says, "the problem may be functional disconnection: an imbalance in the connections and function between and within the two hemispheres of your child’s brain."


With more than 40 years of experience, Dr. Stussy assesses which side is weaker, and customizes a program that balances the brain to "fire with equal strength and speed." Programs involve academic and physical activity plans, and dietary guidelines. "By eliminating certain foods," says Dr. Stussy, "the children's brains are able to respond more quickly." For many participants, positive results spring up in the first few weeks.