Excelsior Shop’s New Name Reflects Its Mission to Support Survivors

A popular Excelsior boutique—focused not only on fashion but also on giving back—is getting a new name. Emma Rose Consignment Boutique is the new moniker of the former Cherie Consignment Boutique. Owner Cari Giglio says, “My mission for the shop is to not only provide beautiful, high-quality women’s clothing, but also to bring awareness to both domestic and sexual violence.” As Giglio explains, the shop’s name is full of meaning for her and her family. “I am a survivor of domestic and sexual violence … My daughter is also a survivor. She too is learning how to take back the power, how to have a voice, and how to tell her story.” By naming the boutique after her daughter, Emma Rose, Giglio hopes to bring her mission even further to the fore. Emma Rose Boutique donates to charities supporting survivors, and holds special events to raise funds and awareness.

Emma Rose Boutique
278 Water St., Excelsior