Excelsior, Unplugged

Award-winning photo captures a quiet moment.

Last summer, Excelsior resident Jon Sadeh snapped this photograph, Passing Time, which took third place in the People & Families category of our Lens on Lake Minnetonka photo contest.

On this particular stroll, what stood out to Sadeh might not have caught the eye of just any passerby: a peaceful, tree-framed couple, unplugged, sitting under the last tree along the Excelsior shoreline. “There was just a serenity and calmness about two people just sitting together on a bench,” Sadeh says. “I think it’s a sight that you see less and less in society today. It just seemed like they were really in the moment of sitting there together.”

After taking the photo with his Canon 6D, Sadeh used Adobe Lightroom 5 to enhance and fade parts of the photograph, giving the image his signature painterly look. “It’s a process,” he says.

Sadeh is the advertising and marketing manager for a number of Tires Plus Total Car Care stores in Minnesota. He also is the videographer for Minnesota United, the professional soccer team based in the Twin Cities, shooting game-day documentaries for the team.

Sadeh says that nature and street photography are the areas where he excels. He is well-trained in the art of exploration and observation. “You can go to the same spot 10 times in one day and you get different photos, and you do it 100 times in a year and they’d all be different,” Sadeh says.

To view more of Jon Sadeh’s photography, visit sadehcreations.com.