Food & Drink

This summer’s newest taproom is on Lake Minnetonka—literally.

For lake-area chef Drew Cohen, the phrase mise en place—French for “everything in its place”—is a cooking philosophy he shares with everyone he can. It’s also become a life mantra.

For much of the year, Minnesotans have to rely on grocery stores for produce. Asparagus from California, strawberries from Florida and a whole lot of things from Mexico.

Al and Alma’s Supper Club.

Come by boat or come by car, Al and Alma’s Supper Club is a destination. Drop anchor in Mound along the grassy, tree-lined shores of Cooks Bay. Whether by land or lake, the trip to Al and Alma’s is a worthwhile journey.

When the weather heats up, there’s no better time for a backyard barbecue. Grilling is a communal experience. It can be informal and social, but for serious contenders, it’s sport. And winning barbecue competitions is easier with the right gear.

Summer is a season of celebrations. From family get-togethers to Independence Day fireworks to weekend bonfires with the neighbors, summer is packed with festive events. So do it in style with some tips and tricks from Five Swans, Wayzata’s home and kitchen store.

History can often inspire us and in the case of the Commodore Bar and Restaurant, its history was the inspiration behind the reopening.