After working in your industry of choice for a few years, you might get tired of the daily grind. Negative attitudes and perhaps a tough schedule could have you thinking about the next step in your life.

John McGary was born to be a contractor. And after growing up in Wayzata, he was also destined to end up at home in the Lake Minnetonka area.

When it comes to career migration, Steven Sampson tossed conventional wisdom right out the window. “I’ve never been accused of being logical,” he says.

The postman rings twice at this Saint Paul home.

The story of 980 Shady Lane unfolds through black-and-white photographs and the colorful memories of those who once lived in the Wayzata home.

With nearly 40 years of experience in the design and build industry, architect Jon Monson of design/build firm Landschute Group has made a habit of renovating lake-area homes.

After a long winter of heavy snow and freezing temperatures, homeowners have an endless list of maintenance and repairs to attack before enjoying the warmer seasons. Those with wooden decks have extra steps to take.

Jeff Warner is a self-proclaimed “Como boy,” proud of the fact that he grew up alongside his parents and eight siblings in a two-story, three-bedroom Craftsman-style home a short distance from Como Park.

The sea of trees is hard to picture now. Where there once stood a line of trees countless years old, there now stands one, the rest wiped out in a 2012 storm that many lake-area residents remember vividly.

As winter slowly gives way to spring, many Minnesotans find themselves ready for a bit of green. Even if the weather isn’t cooperative, indoor plants provide that hopeful taste of summer.