How to Wake Your Yard

As when rousing a bear from hibernation, it behooves you to use a light touch.

Every lawn is different, but for a spring revival, Pat Murphy of Murphy’s Lawn
Maintenance and Landscaping offers three general tips.

  1. Grass roots sit dormant after winter, making turf fragile. Remove debris from your lawn—leaves, branches, garbage—with a delicate hand. That means avoid raking.
  2. Salt and sand that trucks have dispersed along the edges of your yard stifle new sprouting grasses and prevent pre-emergents from binding chemically with topsoil, opening it up to weeds. Instead of raking, gently sweep the area 2 feet from the curb.
  3. When replacing damaged turf, seed as early as possible. Then wait before putting down a pre-emergent. Pre-emergents preempt both weed and grass seeds from germinating. Once you see grass roots, two to three weeks should be enough before you apply an eco-friendly pre-emergent.