In the May issue of Lake Minnetonka Magazine you'll learn the story of the Crossroads Delicatessen (including a few of Chef Scott Hill's favorite brunch recipes), see how a local lure company is making fishing innovations in Lake Minnetonaka's backyard, and expore the restoration of Big Island.

In the April issue of Lake Minnetonka Magazine, you'll get a start on your gardening with our guide to local nurseries and garden centers. We got up close and personal with a Deephaven mother and daughter whose personal style will inspire your gift-giving this spring, and we take a look at two sisters whose tennis skills have attracted plenty of attention. Grab your copy today!

In this March issue of Lake Minnetonka Magazine, discover local treasures old and new. Learn about how local florists made a fresh new spin on their designs, how singing is bringing the community together, why maple syrup made in a backyard is all the sweeter, and much more. 

In the February issue of Lake Minnetonka Magazine, you'll learn all about the loves that bind our communities together. From a longtime resident and local historian to a newly married couple to the best Valentine's Day events in town, you'll be all about the romance. Plus, learn about immersion eduction, iceboating and more.

In the January issue of Lake Minnetonka Magazine, you'll learn all about simple ways to kick-start your New Year's resolutions, along with plenty of wellness and fitness tips from experts around Lake Minnetonka. You'll read about the work art educators are doing with adults with memory loss and the best special-diet dining around the lake.

In the December issue of Lake Minnetonka Magazine, you'll get wrapped up in the holiday spirit after you check out our feature about holiday drinks. We've polled local bartenders for their favorite winter beverages, and the results will warm you up and help you relax during a stressful time of the year. You'll also meet some of the Lake Minnetonka area's most dedicated volunteers - residents who spend their free time helping people in need. And, if holiday entertaining is a must for you this month, check out our menu of small-bite treats from around the world.