Nasha Shkola School Expands on Minnesota’s Russian Community

New immersion program set to be K–12 public charter school.

A new language immersion program that opened in September in Minnetonka is having great success in its first year. Nasha Shkola—the Russian translation of “our school”—is the culmination of four years of work from the Slavic Community Center.  “Nasha Shkola, a free public school open to all Minnesota students, will be an innovative, diploma-granting charter school that provides leadership for quality education in the metropolitan area,” says founder Gedaly Meerovich.

The school will be a resource for kids with limited English-language skills, but also aims to recruit English-speaking students who want to speak Russian and are interested in learning about Russian culture, literature and arts. Mike Miller


Nasha Shkola, 3500 Williston Rd., Minnetonka; 952.746.1880;