When co-owner Matty O’Reilly talks about the early days of 318 Café in Excelsior, you might think he’s referring to the wild, wild west—and no, not the west-of-Highway-494 kind.

Anoush and Elli Ansari of Tonka Bay have been eating organic at home for 15 years. It’s a personal choice that’s turned into a passion—and a mission—for Anoush and his business partner, Tim Cary.

Kevin Geisen and Joe KaseL have what Geisen likes to call the “tripod of business.” They are the owners of Eagle Street Grille, the Salt Cellar, and their newest venture

Which came first, the egg or the egg dish? We love our eggs in every meal, every cuisine, every which way. Scrambled, baked, boiled, fried, puffed or pickled—the eating possibilities are almost endless.

There is almost nothing as comforting as made-from-scratch pizza—but, to be frank, there aren’t a bevy of local eateries where from-scratch pies can be found.

If you try to list some of the classic downtown Saint Paul establishments, it is likely that The St. Paul Grill comes up in conversation. Nestled in The Saint Paul Hotel, across the street from Rice Park, The St.

Meritage, the award-winning French restaurant, was born in what owners Desta and Russell Klein call a “tumultuous year.”

While cooking, it’s easy to take spices for granted. Most of us think nothing of using a pinch of this and a dash of that to make food taste better. But once upon a time, spices were as precious as gold.

Marina Liberman, who owns Moscow on the Hill with her husband, Naum, vividly remembers the hectic period 21 years ago following their purchase of what was then Quail on the Hill on Selby Avenue.

Ice cream, ripe garden tomatoes, verdant salads, fresh fish —sounds like summer, right? Wait; reconsider that last one. January is a fine time to explore tasty cold-water swimmers.