Schooled in Finance

Saint Paul high schools team up with Hiway Federal Credit Union to teach students about money matters.

Hiway Federal Credit Union has partnered with the school district to create a financial literacy program that provides job opportunities and education to students. Bill Wagner, vice president of business development for the credit union, says that it’s all about “experiential learning.”

At the time of writing, Hiway Federal Credit Union has two student-run branches; one at Johnson and one at Highland Park. These branches are located within the schools and have a teller drawer. Students and teachers are able to make transactions with the student employees during the lunch hour. The student employees also work at the actual branches on evenings and weekends.

Through the school run branches, students can learn about savings accounts, receive statements and build credit. Wagner says Hiway Federal Credit Union’s goal is to “immerse ourselves with the schools to make sure young people have access to financial accounts.”

Two more branches at Harding and Como Park schools are in the works. “We’re trying to instill in these students [that they should be] thinkers, planners, leaders; not just doers,” Wagner says.