Making Great Days: Sojourn Adult Day Services

Making Great Days: Sojourn Adult Day Services

Since 1984, Sojourn Adult Day Services LLC in Mound has been serving adults of all ages living with special needs. While there is a team of trained medical professionals on staff, the center is first and foremost a gathering place and recreation center for health and wellness—or, as founder Sally Hebson puts it, “a place for people who don’t have another place to be.” Clients range in age from 18 to 90 plus, and there has always been a particularly strong pull among disabled veterans. 

A Full Symphony and Imaginative Twists Take The Nutcracker to Delightful New Heights

For many families, the holiday season brings with it a mix of cherished traditions and joyful surprises, from decorating the tree while re-watching It’s a Wonderful Life to seeing the wonder in a child’s eyes when they clamber on to Santa’s lap for the first time. While there are many classic Christmas movies, stories and songs, few are as beloved as The Nutcracker, the enchanting story of young Marie and her magical journey to the land of sweets with the nutcracker prince.

Living Intentionally

Brooklyn Vetter had every intention of leaving the Midwest. Born and raised in South Dakota, she studied sociology and women’s studies at Minnesota State University, Mankato, and was itching for a change. Some travel? Maybe. A change of scenery? Definitely. That is, until, she found herself at a resource fair, intrigued by the St. Joseph Worker Program right here in Saint Paul. So much for a change of scenery. Instead, she experienced a surprisingly life-changing year.

Local Photographer Captures “Turkeys in the Backyard”

Pat Yentzer, Plymouth resident and amateur photographer, remembers last August when he snapped a photo of more than a dozen turkeys in his backyard. “We were sitting on our deck and one lone turkey landed in our backyard, and then another and another, and before long we had over a dozen turkeys in our backyard, walking gracefully in a family parade across our lawn,” he says.

Two Edina Business Leaders Set Up Future Generations for Success

This spring, a new class of college graduates will enter the professional world. Edina residents Sandra Davis, founder of MDA Leadership Consulting, and Fritz Corrigan, former CEO and president of Mosaic Company, have committed to help these graduates become leaders. Each member of the class of 2014 at Dartmouth, Corrigan’s alma mater, will receive Pearls of Leadership Wisdom: Lessons for Everyday Leaders, by Davis, which outlines 30 “pearls” of advice about becoming a knowledgeable and high-impact leader.

School Crossing Guard Tony Harmon Keeps Edina Kids Safe

Anthony Harmon has become a local fixture on the corner of Valley View and Antrim Roads in Edina. There, he faithfully mans his post, directing traffic and guiding Valley View Middle School and Edina High School students safely across the street during the busiest times of the day.

“I enjoy doing my job. I give 110 percent to what I do,” says Harmon, a former bodyguard and father of three. “I try to help out as much as I can.”

Jerry’s Foods Offers Therapeutic Balloons in Edina

In January 2013, Jerry’s Food in Edina learned that members of the community wanted to display balloons in the streets and from mailboxes to honor a local 8-year-old boy who had died. The staff at Jerry’s Foods liked the idea and began selling balloons in order to make this idea a reality. In honor of the boy’s Irish heritage, green balloons were chosen. Paula Larson, who manages Jerry’s floral department, remembers that getting equipped to sell 1,500 green helium balloons within a day and a half was no small undertaking.

Online Resource Nextdoor Helps Edina Neighbors Stay Connected

Finding a babysitter at the last minute just got a whole lot easier. Neighborhoods throughout Edina are tapping into Nextdoor, an online resource that helps neighbors connect with each other. Nextdoor works much like Facebook: You register with your email address, and it provides the tools to communicate easily with people down the street from you.


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