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Want Fresh Fruit in Winter? Try Crab Apple Trees

A crabapple tree

In January, winter sets in, typically with the coldest days of the year. Local fresh fruit seems a distant memory, and the fresh growth of spring a distant wish. But I have learned (thanks to some fellow nature nerds on Instagram) that winter offers the abundant fruit of the crabapple trees that lavishly bloom in the spring. The small crabapple fruits, typically ignored all summer, hang on long after the leaves have fallen, stubbornly persisting in bright red cheerfulness on the branches all winter. Read more about Want Fresh Fruit in Winter? Try Crab Apple Trees

MyBurger Comes to Lake Minnetonka


Minneapolis-based MyBurger launched in 2004, focusing on made-to-order burgers. The company now has a handful of outposts around the metro, including in Minnetonka and Wayzata, where they satisfy the burger love that seems pretty darn unquenchable in most Americans. Diners can customize their burger down to the last detail, or choose from a reasonably sized menu with a few suggested options. Read more about MyBurger Comes to Lake Minnetonka


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