West End Paws Pet Sitter

While you’re away this summer, let West End Paws worry about your furry friends.

If you have to leave the dogs behind this summer vacation, look no further than pet sitter and expert dog trainer Lisa Rydell. Owner of West End Paws, this pet guru will take care of everything from watering the plants to running around with Fido while you’re away.

“My favorite moments are the happy greetings I receive from pets when I arrive at their homes—in anticipation of a belly rub, a walk, playtime and good fun,” says Rydell. West End Paws offers in-home pet sitting and dog walking—she’ll even grab the mail. According to Rydell, “The customer response has been very enthusiastic.”

Rydell started West End Paws last fall. For the lifelong animal lover and Animal Behavior College certified trainer, this business seemed a natural fit. “I’ve had a genuine love of animals and a desire to help pets enjoy a happy, safe and healthy life for as long as I can remember,” she says.