2013 Best of Survey FAQ

A guide to this year's Best of surveys.

Here's our handy guide to our Best of 2013 readers' choice surveys. Feel free to contact us with any further questions.

Why do I have to vote in so many categories?
This is a measure to ensure valid ballots and to avoid ballot stuffing. We recognize that not every category pertains to every voter, so this year we've minimized this number to 10, a mere third of the ballot. 

Can we vote for our own business?

Can we ask clients to vote for us?
Of course! Simply share the link to our website; any individual is welcome to fill out the survey. Of course, rules regarding number of questions answered (10 minimum) and number of categories with the same business voted for (3 maximum) still pertain. 

Geographically, what constitutes "a business located in the community"?
Generally speaking, it needs to be located within one of our coverage zip codes. Still, every vote is scrutinized by our editorial team and open to inclusion/exclusion via editorial discretion. 

Last year you had XX category; I don't see it again this year. How come? 
We don't want to switch categories up too much year to year unless there's a good reason to do so. Good reasons to change a category include: 1.) not enough votes in the category the previous year; 2) enough votes, but no clear winners (too vague a category); 3) the same winner in that category multiple years (more than 3 consecutive).

Is there a chance that category will return next year?

Yes. While there is a value in keeping most of the categories consistent, we annually revisit which ones worked and which ones didn't, usually opening up room for some new and also revisiting past tried-and-true categories. 

How are finalists determined?
Each ballot is manually tabulated by our editorial staff. All ballots in which the rules have been followed are tabulated; breaking one or more rules puts the entire ballot at jeopardy for dismissal. There are three levels of counting and fact-checking that these results go through before finalists are announced 15 days after voting ends. The top three finalists in each category will be revealed on the magazine's website. The business with the most votes wins; these results are disclosed at the Best of event held in late spring.  All results are subject to editorial discretion.

Do I have to live in the community to vote?
No! Anyone who is well-versed in that community and has an interest or opinion can cast their one vote, just remember all rules regarding number of categories completed (minimum of 10) still apply.

Is there a place where all the survey links are easily accessible?
Why, that would be right here! Feel free to forward these links to customers, family, friends, coworkers or just about anyone.
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Maple Grove
Southwest Metro
St. Louis Park
White Bear Lake