Lens on Lake Minnetonka

“I really like the solitude spirit of this boat and its bravery to be the first on the lake. The weather was just reinforcing the feeling ... I got [interested in]  photography fairly recently. It has been very interesting and engaging journey.

Lens on Lake Minnetonka

“I was walking home with my daughter after paddleboarding and just happened to notice it in among the cattails. What struck me was the coloring of the eye and the shadows cast by the cattails. Green herons have such good camouflage.

An Anchor of Hope

A morning news anchor for KSTP-TV, Chris Egert is also the co-host of the station’s Minnesota Live, its 9 a.m. lifestyle show. An Edward R.

If you have a bottle of white wine that has been sitting in your fridge for months or a red wine that has spent too long on the wine rack, let’s turn them into fun springtime cocktails. From sangria to a spritzer, there are many ways to repurpose wine.

Maha Abouelenein

While hanging out with her sister, Maha Abouelenein’s phone rings. Journalist and author Katie Couric is calling. It’s just another normal day for this sought-after, successful entrepreneur.

Pop Culture Preservation Society

If you played with Fisher-Price toys, watched The Brady Bunch on Friday nights or almost took out yourself or a sibling with a set of groovy Clackers, you could qualify to be a member of the Pop Culture Preservation Society (PCPS), dedicated to honoring,

For Goodness Cakes birthday cake

Can a cake make a difference? Can a concoction of batter meets frosting cure what ails? At times, the answer is “yes.” The Hope House in Excelsior is a short-term emergency shelter for youth ages 14–19.

Panoway Park off of Lake Street

Every alphabetical list of the nearly 3,000 victims from the 9/11 attacks starts with the name Gordon Aamoth, Jr.

Allyson Fanger

The beauty of Lake Minnetonka Magazine, in my estimation, is partly due to the monthly marriage of words and images, wonderfully brought together thanks to our writing team, contributors, photographers and art department.

Best of 2021 winners

Instagram hashtags have been around for a bit—#eatlocal, #playlocal, #shoplocal and on they go, but 2020 and into this year, the need to support local businesses and service providers was undeniably underscored in an urgent way. 


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