America’s Favorite Pastime

Lisa Buck captures a look at the joys of childhood.

Some of the best photos involve candid moments featuring people who weren’t necessarily the intended subject.

Lisa Buck of Independence discovered this phenomenon when she went to her 12-year-old son’s baseball game last summer. Buck, who began taking pictures to pass time while she spent many hours in the bleachers, says she takes her Nikon D90 with her to most of her kids’ sporting events to take pictures of her children playing sports.

“Playing Catch” was not one of the photos taken of her own children that day, however. Buck turned away from the game for just a moment to see 9-year-old PJ McCrea, a younger brother of one of the players, in a neighboring field.

“PJ was a fixture at our team’s games and practices,” says Buck. “He always brought his glove and would play catch on the sidelines with his dad or whoever was willing.”

At that particular game, no one was available to play with him, and Buck watched as McCrea repeatedly threw the ball up in the air and caught it himself. She says that he had a look of great concentration the entire time. She began to take pictures, capturing the moment with the ball in the air and McCrea waiting expectantly for it to fall again.

Buck appreciates the photo’s ability “to capture a simple joy of childhood” and, of course, America’s favorite pastime.


Lisa Buck’s photo “Playing Catch” placed second in the People Category of the 2013 Lake Minnetonka Magazine Photo Contest.

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