Animal Art

Minnetonka artist launches pet-inspired ceramic line.
Tami Larke Anderson uses minimalist lines to capture the essence of animals.

Minnetonka artist Tami Larke Anderson launched her business Z ART Line Design Artwork in 2012, after she was laid off from her job after 25 years in the corporate world.

One day, while filling out a job application, Larke Anderson doodled a picture of her dressage horse, Zoren—and inspiration struck. She decided to change her career path, from the corporate to the ceramic. Her line includes dishware for humans and pets.

Larke Anderson hand-paints each ceramic piece with simple lines, paying homage to her favorite furry friends. Her cat, a barnyard mouser, inspired the Cat with Mouse design. “I like the simple lines to create the essence of the animals,” Larke Anderson says.

Find Z ART Line Design products at, at Blanc de Blanc, and at several Lunds & Byerlys locations in the metro.