Annual Tour de Tonka Bike Ride

A community bike ride with no victors.

August 3, will mark yet another iteration of the annual Tour de Tonka bicycling event. “It’s a ride, not a race,” says Tim Liftin, executive director for Minnetonka Community Education. Whether you’ve just shed the training wheels or have Greg Le Mond on speed dial, there’s a ride for you. The basics are the same, but just like souping up your bike, some things are different this time around town. Here’s what’s new this year. A 51-mile distance will be introduced for riders who want to move up from the 43-mile or down from the 77-mile distances. Music will be played at all rest stops, so expect to be pedaling to the beat of one tune or the next. A wicking shirt for all of the riders is another addition Liftin is excited about in 2013. If you’re interested in punishing your quads or just enjoying a beautiful day in this year’s ride, registration is now open.& 2013 Tour de Tonka August 3, beginning at 7:30 a.m. at Minnetonka High School