Around Town

As an elementary-schooler living in rural North Dakota, my favorite time of year was summer. Not only did it mean time off from the everyday school schedule, it also meant trading my puffy parka for my trendy two-piece swimsuit.

In The Night Guest, author Fiona McFarlane depicts how dementia has begun in main character Ruth. She knows the tiger she hears snuffling in her living room isn’t real. But it is thrilling.

A summer evening in the lake-area is even better with live music.

To celebrate local talent, from country to jazz and everything in between, cities and their outdoor venues are welcoming small bands to serenade residents throughout the summer.

For parents short on ways to keep their young ones busy, Macaroni Kid is a newsletter and website that offers information on local events, kid-friendly recipes, articles written by community members, crafts and more.

A new experiment has been sprouting around the Twin Cities and across the country. Little Free Libraries are small book exchanges found in neighborhoods.

Stacia and Chris Bank love wakesurfing, but also love winter sports like snow shoeing.

Sit down with Stacia and Chris Bank and you’ll come away feeling inspired. The Lake Minnetonka duo has made a name for themselves on the local and international circuit as some of the best wakesurfers in the country. Take a peek at what keeps them going.

Lake Community Bank (LCB) in Long Lake has found a way to create a feeling of involvement among employees by giving a portion of the bank’s annual donations to a local or national charity on each employee’s behalf.

Walk down the stairs of Scusi! in Excelsior, and you’ll feel like you’ve been transported to Europe in the early 1900s. The decor and design boutique caters to those who love this kind of elegance.

Toss and turn? Count sheep? Desperate to escape your honey’s snoring? In Dreamland: Adventures in the Strange Science of Sleep, journalist David K. Randall offers fascinating insights into the mystery of human slumber. Every moment of our lives depends on the quality of our sleep.

There are a lot of choices in the Lake Minnetonka area for fitness or spa treatments, but few that offer full packages for a healthier you.