An Artist in Bloom

Artist Trish Gardiner’s glass garden lights up her neighborhood
Trish Gardiner’s glass blooms brighten up her outdoor garden in Minnetonka

In the middle of a muddy spring fog, gigantic flowers sprout from a Minnetonka yard. Though no other houses have blooms, glass poppies rise, dreamlike, from the front lawn of artist Trish Gardiner.

Inspired by her grandmother’s love of flowers, Gardiner has branched out from her usual glasswork—including more earth-toned works—to embrace the bright colors she finds in nature. Her expertise in glass comes, she insists, from her love of chocolate. “I learned how to make hand-dipped chocolates with my mom, and glass and chocolate have a lot in common.”

Gardiner hosts glass making classes at her studio in Minnetonka, and she encourages people of all ages (kids included) to attend. Not only do participants get to work directly with an artist, but they also get a few of her chocolate treats at the end of the session. Gardiner’s work is also for sale at the Uptown MN store at the Mall of America.

Trish Gardiner