Arts & Culture

Abstract painting of a school of fish.

Fine Art Fishes: 'Walter's Gone Wild VII' by Michelle Plombon

Young adults dressed up for a Fourth of July parade

Spark up this year’s Fourth of July celebrations.

Portrait of a cat

From professionals to hobbyists, be sure to enter our annual contest.

Periwinkle Items

Amp up your life’s color story.

Book Cover of The Orphan's Tale

Pam Jenoff is the queen of World War II-set fiction, and The Orphan’s Tale lives up to her reputation.

Japanese woodblock print of pink flowers

The Minnesota Landscape Arboretum is a top destination all year long, but, each month, it boasts its own unique attractions.

Photo of Peter Moe at the University of Minnesota Landscape Arboretum

After nearly 50 years at the Minnesota Landscape Arboretum, director Peter Moe has announced his retirement.

Photographs document significant moments in our lives—pregnancies, births and birthdays; first days of school and graduations; engagements and weddings; and others. But there can be a very important part of life that goes mostly undocumented.

Filmmaker Alia Tarraf at St. Brigid's Well in County Clare, Ireland

Some kids dream about growing up and moving across the country to make movies. While these dreams don’t always become a reality, former Minnetonka resident Alia Tarraf made it happen.

A young child using the Anger Workbook for Kids

After 12 years practicing as a mental health clinician specializing in children, Christina Kress says she noticed a lot of parents were bringing their children to Minnetonka Counseling with the same dilemma: Their children didn’t know how to process their anger.