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Each year for our Prep Elite feature, we ask local high school faculty and administrators to nominate students who are exemplary in academics, sports, volunteerism, the arts, or other areas of their lives. We’re never disappointed.

If you’ve ever watched an episode of MasterChef Junior on Fox, the youth cooking competition hosted by celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay, you’ve likely wondered: How can those kids be so nice to each other? They’re competing for $100,000!

Scott Harrison was born and raised in Minnetonka, but he now lives nearly 1,100 miles south. For the last year and a half, he's been the owner of the Collina Plantation Inn, a three-room bed-and-breakfast in Port Gibson, Mississippi.

Your bags are packed. Your tickets are in hand. Your itinerary is scheduled. For most of us, traveling abroad is exciting, and if it’s the first time, it’s a particularly special event.

Applying to college is an exciting time, but it’s far from stress-free. With increasingly competitive admissions rates and rising costs of tuition, it’s understandable if your junior or senior is feeling anxious—and if that anxiety is rubbing off on you.

This summer, Chanhassen Dinner Theatres presents Newsies, the story of Les Jacobs, a young newspaper boy (a “newsie”) whose older compatriots are working on a strike against the indomitable publisher.

As part of a school project, Bloomington fifth-grader Luna  Frank sent a letter asking about how lipstick was made to Mound resident Jessica Mae Koza, founder and creative director of beauty company WarPaint

Ready to Learn—the Mound school supply drive put on every year by WeCAN, an organization supporting and providing resources for low-income families in the community—is accepting donations this month.

Renaissance man Anders Gulbrandson is a musician, an aspiring astronaut, a member of the German club and a beekeeper with his own honey business, Tanglewood Farms Honey.

What sets you apart from your peers?

If you’ve driven on Highway 7 at night and happened past Excelsior United Methodist Church, you might already know the work of artist Dieterich Spahn. “We often get comments from passers-by,” says pastor Katie Schneider-Bryan.