Arts & Culture

Lenny the Loon

The children’s story follows Lenny as he shows his friend, Wally the Walleye, around the lake.

A girl and a white horse

This photo took first place in the Pets category of our annual contest.

Jim James Uniform Clarity

The best part about this dual release is that you experience each song twice.

A Curious Beginning by Deanna Raybourn of the Veronica Speedwell series

The series is an entertaining read for Anglophiles, lovers of mysteries, and those who enjoy ahead-of-their-time historical heroines.

Teens participate in STEM activities at Excelsior Library’s Teen FabLab

Teens make bath bombs, squishies, and more at the library’s makerspace.

Orono grad Guy Mohs, originally from Haiti, holds a soccer ball.

Guy Mohs shares his journey as an immigrant and soccer star.

Kids sailing at a Lake Minnetonka summer camp.

Fill your family’s summer calendar with camps that are full of sunshine.

An artist on a trip sponsored by PleinAir Magazine paints a woman on a Cuban street.

In all, 50 artists participated in the trip.

Gretchen Fleener Mound face painting party

Gretchen Fleener’s love of face painting started early. When she was 15, the Mound resident began face painting at Valleyfair during her summer vacations.

Making It Lake Minnetonka Suzanne & Ryan Huggett

The word “maker” is one that gets tossed around a lot these days. It’s pretty trendy to say that you’re a maker, a word that allows for a vague definition of your job yet informs people that you’re creating something, whether it’s original music, organic eats or even Instagram stories.