Birdwatching Tips from Minnetonka’s Carol Chenault

The return of spring also means the return of migrating songbirds. Carol Chenault, a Minnetonka resident and manager at All Seasons Wild Bird Store in Minnetonka, shares some of her favorite spring birds. Look up images online or in a book, and try your hand at spotting them this month. Chenault advises birdwatchers to keep their eyes out for horned larks, red-winged blackbirds, eastern phoebes and wood ducks—all distinctive migratory birds. March also means black-capped chickadees are choosing nests and waiting for their mates, often in our backyards. Chenault says she fell in love with birdwatching after receiving a birdfeeder as a housewarming gift. She even remembers her childhood excitement at seeing the birds return. “I remember being thrilled to see the red-winged blackbirds on the cattails on the marsh,” she says. “It meant that spring truly would return to Minnesota!”