Remodel Card Helps Homeowners

Olov Strole and Chad Commers launched a business that pays off for local customers and businesses.

When you’re about to undertake a home remodeling project, you might brace yourself for the bottom line, worry about staying within your budget and want to ask for a deal at your local stores, but decide that’s probably a waste of time.

Olov Strole and Chad Commers launched The Remodel Card last year to help both homeowners and local vendors deal in a mutually beneficial way. With the purchase of the Card, homeowners can receive contractor’s discounts of up to 50 percent at several local well-known vendors such as Warners’ Stellian, Minnesota Tile & Stone (which opened a fabrication site and showroom in Minnetonka last December) and Sherwin-Williams. In turn, these vendors can attract more customers and increase sales. 

Read more about The Remodel Card in the July issue of Lake Minnetonka Magazine (available on July 1) and learn how Strole and Commers first met over a deal that didn’t seem very promising, but eventually led to a  partnership in a business they believe is full of promise.

Until then, read up on the business and card perks on the Remodel Card website.  

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