Healthy Brown Bagging

A few local experts know that packing a child’s lunch is a science and an art.

A bag lunch doesn’t have to be boring, but it definitely should be nutritious to keep your child’s mind and body fueled for a successful school day. A little protein, a little healthy fat, some fruits and veggies, and your child will be good to go for the rest of the afternoon. 

In the August issue of Lake Minnetonka Magazine (available August 1 at, we get some great tips from the school lunch experts: Jane Bender, nutrition services supervisor for Minnetonka schools; Pat Berg, who just retired from the Westonka district after 40 years in the school kitchen (she even remembers the  days of “hamburger gravy,” which hasn’t been on the lunch menu for quite some time) and Kelly Abernathy, the mom of a third grade son at Groveland Elementary, who has made it her mission to pack a healthy and delicious lunch for him and for his older  sister each and every day.