Big-time Bloggers

Two Minnetonka High School seniors are blogging about the college application progress for The New York Times.

For many writers, seeing their byline attached to the phrase “The New York Times” is a bucket-list dream. However, two Minnetonka High School students are getting that chance.

MHS seniors Abigail Hansen and Rachel Yang were recently chosen to blog for The New York Times online series The Choice, demystifying the college admissions and aid process. Both girls, along with six other high school seniors from across the country, are chronicling the process for the world to see, taking us through the ups and downs of one of the biggest decisions they’ll make in their lives.

The series launched December 20, 2011, and will follow the seniors through that fateful final acceptance letter. You can watch the journey unfold online or visit the links below:

Read Abigail’s most recent entry:

Read Rachel’s more recent entry:

Meet all eight seniors blogging for