Hearts on Fire Still Burning at ResouceWest’s Gala

Have a night of fun for a good cause at the Minnetonka Community Center.

What do 80s American rocker John Cafferty, Canadian soft rocker Bryan Adams, Swedish heavy metal band Hammerfall, Australian electronic band Cut Copy and ResourceWest have in common? 

No idea?

Hint: it has nothing to do with geography.

Still don’t have it?

Hint: it’s not music genre.

Ok, I'll give you this one.

They all have Hearts on Fire, which was apparently a very popular, inspirational topic in the 80s. Of course the first four have songs with that title—and a couple could duke it out for the coolest, cheesiest 80s music video of all time, see Cafferty’s well known Rocky IV montage and Cut Copy’s visual masterpiece —while ResourceWest is hosting a gala in February with that fitting Valentine’s-day theme.

We here at Lake Minnetonka Magazine are more interested in the group that gives back to our local community, not that the others didn’t contribute to our well being and happiness in other ways.

Here’s the scoop:

What: Hearts on Fire Gala for ResourceWest

When: Saturday, February 4 at 6-10:30 p.m.

Where: Minnetonka Community Center, 14600 Minnetonka Blvd., Minnetonka, MN 55345

Why: Raise money for those in our community in need of essential resources

Cost: $80 single tickets, $560 table (8 tickets for the price of 7)

Who: You won’t be able to see any of the aforementioned musicians at this gala, but Shayne Wells from KARE11 & Metromix will be there, and comedian Miss Shannon Paul will provide the entertainment.

You’ll be able to participate in a social hour, silent and live auctions, a heads and tails game and enjoy an open bar and some great food, including hors d’ oeuvres (rumaki, tuna tartare, wild mushrooms and leek eggrolls) and organic locally grown gourmet dinner (options: etouffee-mushroom spinach, jambalaya, organic vegetables) provided by The Chow Girls and dessert (Wuoletts cupcakes, Gayle Durand’s decedent desserts and Muddy Paws cheesecakes).

I know, I had you at heads and tails and open bar, but I thought it was worth laying it all out there. After all, not everyone is sold on life’s simple pleasures, for example, a bearded Sylvester Stallone jumping rope in a barn—seriously, if you skipped the Cafferty link up top, redeem yourself here and watch this video NOW. If that doesn’t inspire you for some Hearts on Fire gala fun, I don’t know what will.

Check out the Hearts on Fire website for more details, or purchase tickets now. For info about becoming a sponsor, contact Judy at 952.988.5351. To join the event committee or give a silent auction donation, contact Joyce at 952.988.5350.

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