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We're Off and Running!

It’s official – St. Louis Park Magazine has launched and we are so excited to bring this magazine to the community. Last night, we celebrated with a party at Rojo Mexican Grill in the Shops at West End and it was great to meet so many folks, many of whom are part of stories in our first issue as well as upcoming issues.  It was also nice to hear that people are already reading and enjoying the magazine. That’s the goal!

Andy Juelich: Discover the Art Within

Plymouth artist Andy Juelich is the ultimate multi-tasker. Proficient in woodworking, painting, leather, rattan and clay—his favorite medium among many favorites—Juelich not only thrives on creating art, but in teaching others, of all ages, to find the same joy in the artistic process as he does. 

Get a Head Start on Fall Fashion

You’ve done all the back-to-school shopping for the kids – why not treat yourself to a few wardrobe additions that will allow you to transition stylishly from the lazy late-summer days to the crisp breezes (and busier schedules) of fall?

Healthy Brown Bagging

A bag lunch doesn’t have to be boring, but it definitely should be nutritious to keep your child’s mind and body fueled for a successful school day. A little protein, a little healthy fat, some fruits and veggies, and your child will be good to go for the rest of the afternoon. 

Remodel Card Helps Homeowners

When you’re about to undertake a home remodeling project, you might brace yourself for the bottom line, worry about staying within your budget and want to ask for a deal at your local stores, but decide that’s probably a waste of time.

Work Out of Your Workout Rut

Even in the middle of a Minnesota summer, it’s easy to get into a workout rut. Sure, you can lace up those running shoes, but if that’s your go-to exercise and you’re looking to switch things up, consider strength training. 

Perhaps you’re new to exercise and looking for something easy on the joints, great for flexibility, balance and movement. Or maybe you want to combine exercise AND healthy eating habits.

Pizza with Punch

Did you know that perfection can be achieved in 90 seconds? Well that’s if the perfection you are talking about involves pizza, and you add 800 degrees of wood-burning heat to the equation. That’s all a pizzaioli (or pizza chef) at Punch Pizza needs to create the mouth-watering Neapolitan pizza combinations that Minnesotans (and others—we’re talking to you, Meryl Streep) have grown to love since the first Punch was launched in 1996 in St. Paul.


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