June Note From the Editor

Summer is here—let's embrace it for all it's worth!

As an elementary-schooler living in rural North Dakota, my favorite time of year was summer. Not only did it mean time off from the everyday school schedule, it also meant trading my puffy parka for my trendy two-piece swimsuit. And I loved my two-piece.

In fact, I loved it so much that I basically didn’t take it off—ever. I wore it underneath my jean shorts and tank top, to be ready for an impromptu running-through-the-sprinkler session or a last-minute invite to the city pool. I showered in it; I slept in it. I got sweaty in it; I cuddled up with my blankie in it.

Now, even though my apartment complex boasts an outdoor pool, I don’t dedicate my summers to jumping into my swimsuit nearly as often I wish I did. Yes, I have more responsibilities than my 7-year-old self, and I can’t just spend all my days engaging in a Super-Soaker tournament, but what I want to reclaim this summer is the excitement that comes from not knowing where the warm weather will take you.

To the A-Scow national sailing championships? Yes! Trying one of the lake’s incredible water activities? I’m in! Taking in an outdoor concert? Absolutely! Having a drink with Captain Jack Sparrow (our exclusive reveals his secret identity!)? That’s worth dropping everything for.

And so is summer. So let’s dust off our childhood love of water-balloon fights, getting sprayed with the gardening hose and making our swimsuits our uniforms, and start the summer off with a bang. Who’s with me?