May Note From the Editor: April Showers Bring May's Issue of Lake Minnetonka Magazine

Enjoy our Health and Wellness issue.

Author Augusten Burroughs said, “When you have your health, you have everything. When
you do not have your health, nothing else matters at all.”

He was so right. Whether you’ve had chemotherapy or a simple cold, everyone has been
knocked out by sickness. It’s no fun and it messes with your resolve.

In the past near-decade, I’ve struggled with my own chronic health issues—mysterious
headaches and stomachaches, exhaustion and overall discomfort. Western-medicine
doctors, nutritionists, Chinese-medicine practitioners, acupuncture and days of
bloodwork, MRIs and CAT scans couldn’t tell me what was wrong.

Concentrating so much on my symptoms and their cause made it difficult to focus on work or relationships. Then, this past fall, I found a new naturopathic doctor who finally was able to diagnose and treat my symptoms. Her willingness to stick with me through it all has given me a new perspective and new gratitude for my health.

That’s what this issue brings: highlights from lake-area businesses and people who are helping our community improve all aspects of our health. From the group of community members helping to restore the lake's shoreline to homemade Mother’s Day
brunch recipes
, the lake area is being well taken care of.