Navarre Safety Update

Hennepin County says it will make pedestrian safety improvements in Navarre this season.

The Navarre Community Initiative group made significant headway at a June 10 meeting at the Orono City Council chambers. Jim Grube, Hennepin County director of transportation, visited the group and proposed a list of safety improvements to be implemented this summer. These include: Two crosswalks for County Road 15—one near the bus shelter and a second farther to the east. The second crosswalk is to feature a raised median “pedestrian refuge” at the street center and would incorporate a pedestrian-activated flashing high-intensity light system. Repairs to the pedestrian islands at the intersection of county roads 15 and 19. Find out more about the improvements by contacting the Navarre Community Initiative at [email protected] or read the original story in our May 2013 issue. –Information courtesy of Ralph Kempf