A Search for Superb Students

Trunk Bay, St. John's Virgin Island
Trunk Bay in St. John's Virgin Islands
While the weather stays frigid, we're focusing on story ideas for warmer months.

Though the sun may be shining today, it's not quite beating the chill out of the air. We've been neck-deep in chilly temps, blustery winds and snowy storms for so long now, I can barely remember what it feels like to not wear long underwear under my jeans. I assume you're all feeling the same.

Thankfully, I'm spending my days thinking about our warmer weather issues (and reminiscing about my honeymoon, from which the photo above comes—how I long for that beach in St. John's!). At Lake Minnetonka Magazine, we're brainstorming story ideas for July and August 2014—and we need your help! So tell us: What lake-area businesses, restaurants, activities, people and places need to be feautred in the magazine?

We're also looking for suberb students to feature in our Prep Elite feature this August. Do you know a high school junior (graduation year: 2015) who excels in academics, leadership, sports, community service or the arts? We'd love to hear their story and showcase their accomplisments this fall. They can be a lake-area residnet or attend a lake-area high school.

If you have a warm-weather story idea or a student I should know about, send me an email at [email protected]. Include a little background on the story or person, their contact info and your contact info and we'll see if we can't work together to highlight even more of the lake-area's best people, places and businesses!