September Note from the Editor

A nod to our lake-area community members who give back.

In my side job as a beauty blogger, I spend an embarrassing amount of time researching beauty trends, trying new products and experimenting with skincare and makeup. And though I love a new product as much as the next girl, what I am consistently reminded of, amongst the fuchsia lip color and the eyelash extensions, is that you can’t go wrong with being a classic.

Bold red lip? It’s always been on-trend. Sleek ponytail? Hard as the pompadour tries, it can’t knock this classic out of style. The same idea extends to clothes, which is why we’re so excited to feature a fun, classic, cool lake-area couple who knows how to stay true to themselves while also remaining on-trend. You couldn’t find a more Lake Minnetonka-esque pair than Jeff Danberry and Traci Dokken.

But what’s even lovelier about this couple is their dedication to giving back. Jeff’s daughter, Lyndsey, was diagnosed with leukemia at age 10. As part of supporting her through her battle and raising awareness and funds for cancer research, Jeff and Traci have gotten involved with fundraising for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. When Lyndsey, now 20 years cancer-free, decided to run for the Society’s Woman of the Year in the spring of 2014, Jeff and Traci helped plan a “Cancer Stops with Me” event at Excelsior Brewery.

The community rallied, and Excelsior Mayor Mark Gaylord even declared Wednesday, May 7, 2014, as “Cancer Stops with Me Day” in the city. Traci cites the community’s support and graciousness as the reason the event raised nearly $65,000.

“This fundraiser showed just how great this area is. I called the mayor about proclaiming ‘Cancer Stops with Me Day,’ and he was like ‘sure!’” says Traci. “There's Ladies' Night Out. Arts festivals. A farmers’ market. This is just such an amazing, quaint town. People are supportive of each other.”

This is only one example of the charitable spirit of our cities, but it represents a collision of beauty, style and remaining true to yourself. Traci and Jeff are perfect examples of how being classically you can help set off a chain of beautiful happenings.

Enjoy this issue!