Welcome to March!

Don't let the doldrums of winter get you down— let our March issue lift your spirits

As we round the bend into spring (maybe? hopefully?), I’m ready for a little something new. The doldrums of winter have loosened their icy grasp and I’m on the verge of catching spring fever. 

For me, the fever starts in my home. It needs a little deep cleaning, a bit of a spruce. Everything in my house seems to have a permanent imprint from wet, muddy, snow-encrusted boots and the staticky air feels dull, thick and dusty from lack of open windows and air flow.

Thankfully, this issue helps me out with its two-fold theme: homes, and food and wine (because what’s better than a good meal and a glass of red after a day of home improvements?).

Check out the incredible home makeover here—it’s inspiring me to make my living space a little more earth-friendly, even if that just means I add kitchen composting to my list of to-dos. Read about the new lake-area home and garden store, Harvest Home. They’re sure to have some great ideas for a living-room facelift!

And then, once you’ve exhausted yourself with ideas for DIY home projects, check out the classic food and wine pairings from local restaurants. Or read all about the amazing from-scratch food chef Kim Christensen turns out at the Minnetonka Center for the Arts Café (she makes the best pesto I’ve ever had, hands down).

Raise your glass with me to spring and to sprucing!



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