BMW of Minnetonka's Sustainability Practices

BMW of Minnetonka makes sustainability a top priority.

In addition to selling high-quality cars, BMW of Minnetonka is also leading the way in sustainability. Though you might not notice at first glance, the dealership, built just last year, was constructed with the environment in mind.

“Wherever we were able to incorporate environmentally friendly elements, we did,” marketing manager Margaret Dioguardi says. These touches include wallpaper backing made from recycled plastic bottles, artwork printed on recycled vinyl, water reclamation in the car wash, energy efficient lighting, recycling stations and more.

BMW of Minnetonka worked closely with architects and vendors to make these sustainable elements a priority in the facility’s design. Dioguardi notes that many of these efforts are small and simple enough to replicate in your own home like, “recycling receptacles and lights-on timers,” she says. “Tell others what you are doing so they can learn and implement as well.” 15802 Wayzata Blvd., Minnetonka; 952.303.7500