Calm Evening at the Yacht Club

Cameron Dahlin catches a picture-perfect setting in Shorewood.
Sailboats docked at the Shorewood Yacht Club at the end of a long summer day.

A hankering for lobster dinner at Lord Fletcher’s led Cameron Dahlin to Lake Minnetonka on a beautiful evening last August. On his way to dinner, Dahlin stopped by the Shorewood Yacht Club to borrow a friend’s boat to take to Lord Fletcher’s. There, Dahlin noticed what a perfect view he had of the sailboats harbored nearby. It was a beautiful summer evening: The sky was bright and clear, and the white sailboats were a sharp contrast to the blue surrounding them. Even better, he saw an almost perfect image of those sailboats mirrored in the lake.

“The water was really still and it created a great reflection,” says Dahlin. The water was so calm, in fact, that it wasn’t just the bodies of the sailboats that were reflected in the water. The masts of the sailboats seemed to reach down deep into the lake.

As an amateur photographer, Dahlin usually has his camera with him. On this night, he took just two photographs of these sailboats with his Cannon Rebel T3. Then, he put aside his camera and enjoyed a great evening at the lake.

Later, he discovered that one of those two shots of the calm lake was a fantastic image. Dahlin’s mom agreed—and she has a copy of this photograph in her house. “This shot epitomizes summer on Lake Minnetonka,” says Dahlin. No doubt Dahlin, like his fellow Lake Minnetonka residents, is looking forward to another summer of beautiful lakeside evenings.


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