Calm on the Water

A summer afternoon through the eyes of Salman Ikramuddin.

The composition is beautiful, the light is warm and serene, and the effect is calming—who would have guessed that Salman Ikramuddin, with no background in photography, snapped this photo on his phone? “It was the first thing I sent in,” says Ikramuddin, who received an honorable mention in the Events & Activities category of our 2014 Lens on Lake Minnetonka photo contest.

A genetics major at the University of Minnesota, Ikramuddin was having dinner when the scene caught his eye. His inspiration? “Lighting, for sure, and atmosphere. There’s always an atmosphere to a picture that you’re trying to get—like a sunset is a mellow thing, and you try to grab sailboats, or make sure the water’s calm to get a nice picture with good lighting.”