Chinese Immersion Preschool Opens in Minnetonka

Sleepy Tigers Chinese Immersion Preschool opens its doors in Minnetonka
Juliet Lee works on counting and colors with some of her younger students

Inspired by English-speaking families with children in local Chinese immersion programs, Juliet Lee recently opened an immersion preschool program in the lake area.

A parent of an immersion student herself, Lee says she knows children in immersion kindergarten programs often struggle since the teachers don’t speak in English. “Children are [usually] stressed for the first few months and are relieved to speak English at the end of the day,” she adds. Hence the goal of Sleepy Tigers Chinese Immersion Preschool: to expose and support children likely to attend Chinese immersion programs to a basic knowledge of Chinese.

Everyone learns differently, but Lee says fast learners should be able to speak fluently in about a year and should master daily communication in about two weeks. The Minnetonka center is accepting about 25 students, ages three months to five years, for its inaugural year.


Sleepy Tigers Chinese Immersion Preschool

16023 Minnetonka Blvd., Minnetonka