Collectively Creative

Local artists come together to showcase their talent through Springstep Collective.

What’s unique about artists is that each one is intriguingly different from the next. Whether it be the medium, the style or the inspiration behind the masterpiece, each artist creates work that is exclusively and authentically his or her own.
The artists of Springstep Collective have taken their diverse backgrounds, artwork and inspiration to create a melting pot of different art. Included in these are oil painter Ellen Sweetman from Minnetonka, botanical painter Diane Pearson from Tonka Bay, lighting designer Steve Holzgraefe from Prior Lake, blacksmith Pieter Maas from Mound and painter Melissa Moore from Minnetonka.

Moore connected with Sweetman after seeing her artwork in the newspaper and online. The two met for coffee and quickly hit it off. “We both wanted to form a group of local artists to help support each other and try to figure out what our next step should be,” says Moore.

The group of five has been working on their pop-up Springstep Collective gallery since November. The gallery will be open on May 7 for the day, allowing visitors to see a diverse array of artwork while jump-starting the careers of local artists.