The Comeback Kids

Mary Lauer’s Oh Baby! returns to the Wayzata lakeshore

Four years ago, downtown Wayzata had an atmosphere of change. Lake Street was under construction, and many local businesses were forced to relocate. One of these refugees was Oh Baby!, which sold handmade organic baby clothing to the most fashionable Wayzata infants. Downtown Wayzata is back and booming—and Oh Baby! is back for the ride.

Mary Lauer, the creative force behind Oh Baby!, is happy to be back in Wayzata. “It’s an exciting place to be, and I think that Wayzata is becoming a destination, recognized for the unique charm of being so close to the city, yet feeling like a completely different world.” And Oh Baby! provides a unique shopping experience to Wayzata visitors: Shoppers can browse a wide selection of furniture, décor and handmade clothing for kids from babies to middle schoolers.

Spring brings new additions. “The Oh Baby! line has always been texture-driven,” says Lauer. “We’re introducing hand-screened gauze in skirts, bloomers and rompers, along with organic linens, to complement our traditional cotton basics. Nautical themes always resonate in Wayzata, and of course we’ll have lots of glitter.”