Common Ground

Excelsior offers a useful co-working space.

Clients are finding the ultimate balance of office and home at the Commons Workplace in Excelsior. Open since 2012, the Commons provides a new kind of setting for a productive work day: freelancers or other independent workers can pay a fee to use the Commons’ shared workspace. The venue provides a combination of work-from-home (or work-from-coffee-shop) vibe and the chance to interact with other professionals.

Members pay a fee of $190 per month to use the building’s open space, $360 for a private desk, or $560 to $760 for a private office. All members can use the outdoor workspaces, and they also receive four free hours of conference room time and free coffee. The Commons is also open to the public for $5 per hour, which includes free coffee.

The Commons was founded by Tammy Magney and Peggy Stefan, who previously worked in architecture and life coaching. Magney says that the Commons’ unique workspace allows clients to work with other people, get others’ opinions on their work and stay organized in a productive work environment without the distractions of home.

And the space’s two meeting rooms are used for more than just daily work when the Commons is transformed into a venue for larger personal and professional events. From vendor boutiques to 24-hour fundraising events, the space is available for a variety of purposes. “Overall, the Commons is a space where clients can get out of the house but still get work done. It’s a home away from home,” says Magney.