Dan Prosser Has the Answer for Businesses that Are Struggling

Dan Prosser, author of Thirteeners: Why Only 13 Percent of Companies Successfully Execute Their Strategy — and How Yours Can Be One of Them, grew up sailing on Lake Minnetonka and attending Minnetonka High School. His book has become a popular business book around the world. Prior to writing Thirteeners and his work helping struggling companies, Prosser gained a lot of experience in the corporate world himself. “I went to work for my father and went to work for myself in the light-industrial staffing business,” says Prosser. “I built it up and then sold it.”

He went on to have success in telecommunications, later entering the software world. “Eighty-seven percent of companies fail to execute their strategies every year, so I began looking at how I could impact performance within companies by teaching principles and practices that weren’t getting in,” says Prosser. Thirteeners discusses the positive effects of a “relational value system” in organizations, which emphasizes a collaborative environment. Prosser has moved back to Minnesota after 33 years, and is sharing his expertise with companies in and around the Twin Cities. “It’s been phenomenal,” says Prosser. “There’s everything you need here.”