Deb Zeller Captures the Fun-loving Spirit of a Neighbor’s Dog

A neighbor’s pup poses for photographer Deb Zeller.

Poised, astute and composed are three characteristics a photographer dreams of in a subject. Often these prove to be difficult to find. Not so for Victoria resident Deb Zeller. A brown-eyed and black-nosed white ball of fluff named Elmo, a Maltese, remained a subject of perfection throughout his photo shoot.

Zeller snapped the glamour shot of the pup while on a vacation stay at her neighbor’s cabin. Pet connoisseurs Tom and Mary Johnston own several furry friends, and adore them. This love inspired Zeller’s glamour shot.

“They love their dogs so much,” she says. “And I just love taking pictures of pets and animals.”

Declaring herself a “photo nut,” Zeller carries her trusty Nikon D7000 camera everywhere, often snapping up to 3,000 pictures in one weekend while indulging in her hobby.

Tom and Mary Johnston not only adore their beloved pet, they also appreciate Zeller’s willingness to photograph him. “They love that picture of Elmo,” Zeller comments.

Watch out, Sesame Street—there’s a new Elmo in town.