Dog Days of Summer

Meet one local pooch who loves pontoon boat rides on Lake Minnetonka

Fletcher, an English cocker spaniel, knows how to embrace summer. Enjoying the breeze on Jennings Bay on Lake Minnetonka, this 35-pound, 4-year-old dog adores letting the lake wind blow in his face, as any good Minnesotan would—human or otherwise.

Owners Mike and Kathy Molitor often take Fletcher with them out on their pontoon to enjoy the northwest side of the lake. “He is just beside himself when we’re going out on the lake,” Kathy Molitor says.

This photo was snapped in August 2011 while cruising around West Arm Bay on the Molitors’ pontoon. “Fletcher is like our kid,” she continues. “Our dog loves the lake and we love to capture that.” As residents of Minnetrista, Molitor and her husband Mike know life is good. “We feel lucky to live out here and raise our small little family,” she says.

“He’s our one and only,” Molitor explains about Fletcher. “He just digs being out on the boat.” And who wouldn’t?


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