Book Cover of The Orphan's Tale

Pam Jenoff is the queen of World War II-set fiction, and The Orphan’s Tale lives up to her reputation.

A young child using the Anger Workbook for Kids

After 12 years practicing as a mental health clinician specializing in children, Christina Kress says she noticed a lot of parents were bringing their children to Minnetonka Counseling with the same dilemma: Their children didn’t know how to process their anger.

The cover art for novel A Night Divided

A Night Divided by Jennifer A. Nielsen is one of those novels that is an excellent read for students in upper elementary school and above, as well as adults. It skillfully brings history alive and makes it relatable to readers of any age.

Come Sail Away

In January 2021, the Minnetonka School Board approved the purchase of the Shorewood Professional Building, once home to a Park Nicollet clinic.
“Six months later, we started,” says Christine Breen, executive director of special education for Minnetonka Schools.

Caring Youth award ceremony

The nominations are in, and soon the recipients of the 2022 Caring Youth Awards will be announced by the Hopkins and Lake Minnetonka school districts.

Lauren Taylor of Shorewood

Planning for college can be an exciting time for families. But, like many other situations, the pandemic has changed the way students find their perfect university.

Vincent Cao, a member of the 2019 Senior Spotlight, sits in front of a wall of art.

Wayzata High School student Vincent Cao began volunteering with his mom when he was young, and now he works with Club Y.E.S. and Second Harvest Heartland.

Anna Wander, member of the 2019 Senior Spotlight, stands in front of a wall of art.

Minnetonka High School student Anna Wander likes to travel—and she’s gone all over the world with her globetrotting family.

Jai Chadha, part of the 2019 Senior Spotlight, sits in front of a wall of art.

Jai Chadha is a rising senior at Minnetonka High School—and he’s already organized a TED talk.