Learn a language, paint a picture, become an expert in something and give back to your community; all the things you always said you’d do someday when you had the time. If that day has arrived, do you find yourself in a bit of rut?

Katie Kimball wants you to know that you can fly. She’s the owner of Twin Cities Trapeze, where you can take a single class or make a weekly habit of death-defying feats of bravery and derring-do.

long every road to success stands a parent, coach or teacher with words of wisdom and encouragement to supply support and guidance when the journey begins to be tiresome, frustrating or, at times, seemingly unending.

Minnetonka High School students can now turn in an assignment or discuss a lecture between Snapchats and tweets, thanks to online courses available through the district.

Sometimes the worst days have a happy ending. On one particularly tough day, Alexis Walsko, founder and CEO of Lola Red PR in Minneapolis, decided the best way to stay positive was to get out of the office and do a little shopping.

While living in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Marie Claire Pambani made her living with the help of a needle and thread.

Seven-fifteen in the morning.

He’s there most, if not all, weekdays—not as a leader of a school, but as a follower of his faith.

Just two years ago, Our Lady of the Lake Catholic School in Mound was on the verge of closing. In December 2012 parents and faculty were notified that the current academic year would be the school’s last.

Parents aren’t the only ones who stress out. School-related stress is common among kids, yet it’s often tricky to handle. To help, Susan Berdahl and the St. David’s Center’s School-Linked Mental Health team gathered these tips for parents of young kids with school anxieties.

Beverly Gillen knows the difficulties of navigating college prep. She has two adult daughters whom she helped through the planning process.