Ketav Udupa of Minnetonka High School

Lake Minnetonka Senior Spotlight 2022: Strong Student Leaders. Students understood the assignment: Be a positive impact on their school and community.

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In a world where it seems everyone is busy all the time, the high schoolers you know are probably busiest of all. Between class time, sports, volunteering, after-school activities and part-time jobs, it’s a wonder these students make it through the day. But most amazing of all?

Paula Wilhelm

Have you ever heard the expression “mind your p’s and q’s”? There are lots of theories about its origin, but some experts think it’s simply short for “please” (p) and “thank you” (k-you).

This fall at Minnetonka High School (MHS), approximately 40 juniors and seniors will abandon the traditional classroom for three hours a day to participate in the school district’s innovative Vantage program.

It’s time to don your ’Tonka blue and white as Minnetonka High School (MHS) students are gearing up for the annual homecoming parade on September 20. “It’s so important to the community … because it’s such a tradition,” says student government president Jack Rotman.

Rajiv Garg worked in the corporate world for nearly 20 years, but something was missing. “I wanted to do something wholesome that would touch the lives of our community,” Garg says.

High-achieving students are often referred to as smart, gifted or talented. In other parts of the world, the highest achievers are more likely referred to as hard-working.

Minnesota Masonic Charities has always prioritized supporting youth and education, and this year was no exception. Twenty-eight recipients out of 500 applicants were awarded scholarship funding from the organization, including one Minnetonka senior.