Ketav Udupa of Minnetonka High School

Lake Minnetonka Senior Spotlight 2022: Strong Student Leaders. Students understood the assignment: Be a positive impact on their school and community.

The arrival of spring brings flowers peeking out of the warming ground, green buds sprouting on oak and aspen trees and—at Minnetonka Public Schools—mallard ducklings.

College costs are high and rising at a rate of 5 percent per year. According to Christina Boyd, managing director of investments at Merrill Lynch in Wayzata, average annual tuition for a public university in Minnesota is $25,000.

A new language immersion program that opened in September in Minnetonka is having great success in its first year.

If at first you don’t succeed, press the replay button.

For some kids, starting their first day of immersion school can be intimidating, but Susanne Aspley has remedied that problem with her I Know How to book series.

Sports and school happen to be the two passions of Randall McDaniel’s life. McDaniel, a former offensive guard for the Vikings, used to dedicate his days to the field but now commits his time to the classroom.

Jessica Langevin of Mound had been frustrated with traditional schooling for years. She felt that her grades didn’t reflect her efforts and she was constantly beset by obstacles.

Eleana Condezo Bann and Lisselin Diav started Teach Me ESPANOL when they realized the importance of knowing the Spanish language in the United States (according to the 2010 census, the Hispanic population reached 50.5 million), and how learning a

Daily life has changed drastically over the last decade. “Back in the day,” we wrote letters and mailed them. We walked down the block and knocked on our neighbor’s door to chat.

The hum of brain activity in lake-area students is practically audible.